Tuesday, November 28, 2006

i snatched her boyfriend?

28-Nov-06 15:42

From: JT

"Hey i need to talk to u.Have a few questions for u.U dont have to answer,but i need to ask.Y are u seeing **(the bf)?Do u know that it will hurt me?Do u know that u are so irritating to me the moment i see ur pictures on his phone i broke up wif him?U mayb happy n laughing now i dont really care.I just wanna know y u doin this to me?Do i owe u somethgi snatch ur gf or somethg?"

I replied, "Im seeing him, not dating him. N i never want both of u to break up."

28-Now-06 16:23

From: JT

"If u say it thn u r contradictin by seeing him.i dont see any reason y u shld see him.Unless u enjoy him spendin n fetchin u like u cant earn ur own $ i thnk u are like a whore who need guys 2spend money on u.Anyway to make u happier we really brokeup.Because i dont see the reason y he is still seeing u whn of the 4 years plus we r 2gether u are the only main reason y we ever quarrel seriously.he dint say no whn i said i wanna break up mayb u can go ask him if its bcos he love u thn u all can start dating each other.Please fuck out off my life i'm makin my part my moving away from him,bcos i wan YOU out of my life.Pls stay out. Thanks"

I replied, "Was i ever 'in' ur life? N so sorry to tell that he's dying to spend on me, but i never wanted anything from him!"

28-Now-06 16:43

From: JT

"Ya n u r dying to whore urself haha"

And I wanted to reply, but I didn't... "Why can't u accept the fact that he didn't love you long time ago? And please do not blame me when he has the intention to cheat on you. If not me, there's always someone else." I guess it'll hurt more if I replied so...


so, the moral of the story is:

1) Accept the fact when your partner doesn't love you anymore and stop blaming the one he wanted to tackle.

2) Understand the situation before putting blame on others because when you don't see the point for your boyfriend meeting up another girlfriend of yours, you should've asked. And for the scenario above, the reasons were: a) the bf takes the girl as a close friend where he shared his work and life trouble/opinion/good news with , and b) the bf can't stand the gf but he thinks he has to be responsible to a girl who has been with him for years, so he can't make up his mind to break up, instead waiting for the gf to say so, but would like to talk to someone at the meantime.

3) All the bf out there should not leave your current gf if she's willing to MARRY you, GIVE BIRTH to your kids and DON'T MIND IF U HAVE A MISTRESS OUT THERE AFTER SHE HAS THE KIDS.

4) Girls, never let a boy-friend pays the bills even he earns like 5 figure a month and you only see him like once or twice a month or u'll be refer as a whore by his gf. Bear in mind that he might be courting you if he pays for that. Or might as well stop seeing him and tell him that the reason is because he earns a lil' more bling bling and he is attached, to avoid scenario as above.

5) Sometimes, boyfriends lie...

6) When you don't know what the other party knows, keep your mouth shut. As for the scenario above, Don't tell me both of you only argue over ME because I almost get to know the reasons everytime you people fought, even that time when both of you were at Australia. Not that I wanted to know so much, too bad your bf wants to share them with me. I can't keep hanging up, can I?


I know all my friends will say that its not JT's fault for being angry at me because I was the one who didn't tell her when I first knew that there was something fishy going on. What I did was rejecting him and gave him ideas to maintain his relationship with her.
I was so silly to categorized that man in my Friends' list. I was such a fool and it is definitely a punishment for me to end up like this. Loosing and hurting a friend...

I'm really childish for blogging this right? But I just can't help... *shrug*

Monday, November 27, 2006











演员演技差就不在话下;剪接功夫不到家,下刀的地方不利落,常常wrong timing,没办法营造恐怖的气氛。电影在最后的部分以为能够给观众意外惊喜,却忘了冰雪聪明的观众早已在开头料到如此的结局。电影制作费不高,却也不懂花了多少在河利秀身上。整套戏,有演技的只有那个菲律宾演员(演变态的那个)和Sharifah Amani。




Sunday, November 26, 2006


@ KLPAC (Indie Cinema)

free entrance

Women's Rights themed movies! from 2p.m onwards... MAKE A MOVE!!!


missing in action

i've been missing in action for quite some time... u guys missing me much yet? hehehe...

no, i'm not back yet, but stealing some time to update my blog... i miss blogging!

i'm now doing 3 programmes in a roll, trying to achieve my best performance! *keeping my fingers cross*

anyway, here's some update in summary:

1) met up with a primary school mate last nite for dinner, he just came back from New Zealand, missed him alot, and we talked so much like we haven't talk for ages... which is true... how nice if i can go travel like him!

2) i was cursed for the past few days, i think... all i thought was letting go of things that mean nothing in my life, but be sincere... however, things ended up badly. they broke up again, because of me... or because of me? God knows... if we're not meant to be friends, then its okay... i'm willing to let go the friendship... no more misunderstanding, please... 2 of them were my friends, now one gone, the remaining one... i'm not sure if a normal meet up will stir another echo... so... better not...

3) busy with work... BUSY BUSY BUSY... enjoying every bit of it...

... and rewarding myself with some Patchi made my day! or sneak to cinema for a movie will be a nice choice!


一个人在室内游乐场里,没有人,地方很安静,很干净、整齐。。。光线很足够,一台台的游戏机。。。 甚至有大头贴。。。



Thursday, November 16, 2006

sky bar

yes, it's the Sky Bar in Traders Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. it is very much like Luna Bar, but with a better KL night view.

当我看见那个泳池,我真的觉得自己好像是活在城市里的一条鱼。虽然我不会游泳(不要笑),但是我常常有畅泳的冲动。那种自由自在,真的是非笔墨可形容。尤其是〈Happy Feet〉里看到的,更让我觉得震撼。我没有办法想象那种在如此浩瀚的海洋中,一浪接一浪,完全没有后顾之忧,痛快地游泳的感觉。
但是Sky Bar里的泳池让我觉得很束缚。它的确很美,却是一种笼中鸟的美。。。唯一让我感觉兴奋的是,能够贴近一座令人屏息的宏伟建筑物。













Wednesday, November 15, 2006

sweet sweet love~~~

gosh, when QZ called me last night, i could feel that he is melting!!! so sweetly in love, i must say! can't wait to hear from Jean, and QZ, i am expecting your call. to my friends in KL, u guys know how busy i am lately, but i am still spending a lil' time here to write about this!!! gosh!!!

i think 'congratulations' is abit weird... sounds like getting married... i know QZ is planning but, i am not going to say it now... so, what's the right word, pals? let me think...


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

what i've watched recently...


西人版的《无间道》对华人市场来说,是一个卖点;多少人因为它而对港片重拾信心。可惜,除了Matt Damon 和 Leonardo Dicaprio 的演技值得欣赏之外,我想,真的没有吸引我的地方了。








小记:接下来,期待的是〈墨攻〉、〈The RED Kebaya〉和〈满城穿带黄金甲〉。



yes, out of all i wanted to write, this come up so fast that i just can't delay!

two close friends of mine 'got together'!!! its like, i mean, if u don't know them, u won't feel a thing, but if u do, u will think that it is UNBELIEVABLE! its something u expect not even in the last of your list!

i'm running out of words to describe how i feel cause i just think that it's so shocking, surprising yet... happy... tell me the right vocabulary!!! gosh!!!

they once said they will marry each other if they are alone till the age of 40, but now, at the age of 22! hahaha... too early for an engagement, pals!
the guy called me and tried to tell me but took a step back when i teased him about going for a vacation with the girl to Sweden... and the girl dare not to call me at all coz she's not prepared for the teasing and questions, she claimed...

i don't know if they should remain anonymous, but let's not play mysterious! TA-DANG!


if i'd rank my "shocking-ness" from 1-100, then mine would me 200!!!
but then, i think again. its not SEE NIT & QI ZHEN, that would get me to 300!!! or its not VIVIAN & QI ZHEN, that would get me to 1000!!! so, i think, its okay... hehehehe...

anyway, still want to wish them... what to wish? *scratch head* don't know??? but as long as they are happy, i wish them the best!

shall i say, "Congratulations!" ? *hmmm* hohohoho...


Saturday, November 11, 2006


A Blood Donation and an Organ Donation Campaign will be part of this year's Christmas Celebration of Love Carnival at CMC Centre (Giant Hypermarket Taman Connaught) in Cheras on Sunday Dec 3 from 3pm – 7pm .
The month-long event to celebrate Christmas for Cheras churches is jointly-organized by CMC, Jubilee Initiative Malaysia Berhad and University College Sedaya International (UCSI).

More information about the event may be obtained from www.lovecheras.com , or contact Vivien Chong (tel: 03-91309567).


Tuesday, November 07, 2006






what i watched recently

:: HEART ::

It is actually not meeting my expectation, or maybe i expected too much from it. The story is about 2 childhood friends, a boy and a girl; the girl fell for the boy when they grew up. However, the boy falls in love with a comic artist.

The story is lame and the movie features only 3 of them. So, I find it quite boring. I feel like finishing up the story in 1 hour or less. But I love the colour of it. Beautiful.

And one thing that my sister and I find funny is: the name 'Rachel' is pronounced as 'Rek-Hel'. No offense, but just not so nice to be a girl's name...


A very good looking leading actress starring in a myth.

The story is about a lady who is destined to spend her life with the spices so that she can help people around her using the right spices. But, like the fairy tales, there are always rules cannot be broken, eventually broken. Yes, love story.

Nice colours also. But not a significant piece that you must not missed.


I used to think that not watching it in the cinema is a lost. But not after I watched it at home.

The broadway music is nice, but it is not like Moulin Rouge where it links from the start to the end. The story is real, I supposed; not as interesting as Chicago. Is it a tribute to a master?

Anyway, I just think that I don't understand the American jokes they showed and I think the whole show is very lengthy. And the after taste is strong, my mind keeps on running some German-English slang kind of words after watching it...


I think the story itself is special. But I don't feel anything after watching it. I... maybe I think within the box?


A friend asked me what do I think about this winning piece of Yu-Hang. I said, er... I think it is just a chronicles of a young man. And, I don't know what's the message he is trying to deliver... Then he snapped, You don't understand is it?

Well, I think every movie made by anyone is free to be perceived by the audience, isn't? If that's how I feel after watching it, then that's it. My friends and I happened to feel the same way though...

I do think that it is a very local movie because I can smell Malaysia in it, and I can almost taste it. The struggle of the young man over fixing his brother and mother's relationship, not understanding her mother's feeling as a widow, and his feeling towards the sisters are well-described.

By chance, I'd like to know, why is it called Rain Dogs? In Mandarin, it is called 'Sun Rain' (direct translation) meaning raining in a sunny day. Yes, I'm lazy enough to browse the web...

Saturday, November 04, 2006





Friday, November 03, 2006

Chinese Film Festival 2007

it started 30th Oct, but its not too late! please make yourself available. i checked their schedule already, quite a number of nice movies screening.

as a summary, from 30th Oct to 8th Nov 2006, there'll be a screening every night, 7p.m (Sat 3p.m & 7p.m / Sun 10a.m & 3p.m) at various locations in Malaysia, including Help Institute, Wisma MCA, KTAR, UTAR, MMU, The One Academy, Alif College... just check on their website...

i'm trying my very best to appear and watch some nice movie!

by the way, there is a screening of 8 movies at Ole Cafe tomorrow (4th Nov) from 8p.m onwards too...