Saturday, March 31, 2007

birthday present

15 minutes ago, i bought myself a birthday present.

i'm so thrilled! ;)


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

update about my audition thingy

here's some updates:

Final Result will be announced on 7th April, either 4p.m. on a Press Conference or 7p.m. during the fm988 live show at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach. i think they have that cross to the radio also. so, stay tuned ;)

and yes, that means, no more FIVE to THREE to ONE; the winner will be chosen from the FINAL 5 directly.

so, that's it, till then!


Monday, March 26, 2007

300 + ONE

and that ONE is Leonidas, the King.

i must confessed that i'm quite a easily influenced person. i fall in love for Leonidas in the movie.

let's move the history aside as i have not do a complete research about that, but the movie itself is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. i can't write Chinese words now, but its something we call, 'Bao4 Li4 Mei3 Xue2'.

every shot is so beautiful, every narration speaks out the story, the whatever techniques that the people used are fabulous and amazing! i'm so fascinated by it.

every Spartans in the movie is so impressive. they acted out the soul and they filmed out the real.


Saturday, March 24, 2007

one step nearer

hey people, thanks for being so supportive and thanks for the concern and love. result was announced last night, and i made it to the top FIVE, another step closer to succeed.

how i wish i was better prepared to counter the obstacles beyond me but no worries, here i am, along with my confident and your support to accomplish my task.

the coming two Thursdays are my on air days, 7a.m. to 10a.m, voting starts 8a.m. to 10p.m. ONLY THOSE TWO DAYS, 29 March and 5 April. this time, i don't mind if u become the listener and judge me, vote only u think i'm good enough to be and deserve another chance. of course, i appreciate every support, every comment u give.

the next round will be an elimination round again, 5 become 3. even if i don't make it, i promised u to perform my best on that 2 days. i believe that all 5 of us will be able to perform our best, and its a sprinkle of luck that we need.

before i end this entry, u can actually catch a glimspe of me on 8tv, Tuesday, 27 March 4.30p.m.

let's keep our fingers crossed again...


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

what a sudden new start

first, i made up my mind a week before. then, i mistaken the date. somehow, i was meant to participate as the organizer add another day for audition.

everything started on Sunday. Nit & me went to the venue, i registered, queued and she waited patiently. then i went in, started the routine, got into the 2nd round. then we went for lunch, chatted, i wasn't paying high hope.
4p.m., her phone rang, the organizer team called, I'M IN!

i was so thrilled, being one of the thirty.

Nit & me then went all over to get my IC copied, took passport photos, buy a white T-shirt as required. She then left with my car as she had to work at night. There she left me with her blessings, and got my family, Vivian, Boon, his friend and YG in return.

an hour later, me and the other 29 went up to the stage just to stand a chance to get into another round. i must admit that i might not have stage fright, but i definitely have crowd fright. so... i tried my best, and prepared for the worst, being eliminated.

then, result announced, I'M IN! again. ThrilleD!!! again.

me and the 14 had to get back on stage and compete again. this time, i was less nervous, i tried my best AGAIN.

again, result announced, I'M IN! again. it was 10p.m. 12 hours since i arrived at the venue. relief...

next, the 10 of us had to draw. i picked a Monday along with another candidate. which means, we had to be in the studio 7a.m. the next day. which was yesterday.

i reached studio 3 quarter to 7a.m. and started talking through the mic with another 2 veteran at half past 8. 4 of us ended the show at 10a.m. my 'nanny' asked me and the other candidate, Ruby to write a diary at approximately 300 words. after that, we headed to lunch, and went off to somewhere in KL to give out the freebies with the station's crew.

oh ya, as the story developed till this part, i must not forget to mention, SMS vote is the only way to determine if i stand a chance to the TOP FIVE. and, it was 10a.m. to 10p.m. yesterday.

so, the result will be out, guess this Saturday, let's see if i'll be eliminated or voted the top 5. if u asked me, of course i'd be more than happy to be the top five! move forward another round again, and get thrilled again and again! ;)

let's keep my fingers crossed...


Saturday, March 17, 2007

my secret off day

so i let myself off for a day, and had my movie marathon.

i started with Death Note, followed by Ren Yu Duo Duo then ended with Hustle & Flow.

Death Note is abit less detail in movie, well, its some little details that a movie can't really present. But it did make my parents bugging me for Death Note 2. So, dear supplier, please note that! ;)

Ren Yu Duo Duo is colourful, not too much of a fairy tale except for the unrealistic / not logic moves... the content is a little vacant for this feature length... i fell asleep twice... the pace is too slow and the content just can't support all the so-called mis-en-scene. In all the Focus Asia series that i watched, i still think that Crazy Stone is the best!

Hustle & Flow, "everyone gotta have a dream". Simple, but that made me think. Do i have a dream? Yes. Something far beyond i can achieve, i call that d-r-e-a-m. But something i knew i'd achieve sooner or later, i call that... resolution? perhaps.


Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Some tips:

1) Aneka Beach Hotel @ Kuta is a good choice when the rate is around RM150++ including whatever taxes. And, please book online as you'll get better rates. The transport service charges there is also moderate. Search online, just type 'aneka kuta' and you'll get to the website.

2) Hibiscus Inn @ Ubud is another good choice if you enjoy country view, e.g. paddy field and really authentic Balinese design inn at a cheap price. As it only has 3 rooms, so please book before you go, especially during peak season (mid of the year).

Address: Jln Bisma, Ubud, Bali.
Tel: (0361)978293

The owner is Ma-de.

3) Our tour guide, Yoshi is quite an easy going tour guide. But, he has weird temper, not all the time, depends on your luck. Anyway, if you don't mind to risk, you can still go to him as he really knows where the cheap stuffs are (such as accommodation, spa, paintings, wood carving etc).

Tel: 081 5580 37386

4) Jimbaran is a so called must go seaside with BBQ seafood. But personally, I don't think so. Firstly, only grilled seafood, and i prefer seafood made in different styles; Secondly, super expensive, even the cheapest is not that cheap; Thirdly, you eat your food with sand and ??? as the wind is extremely strong almost all the time.

5) Be certain when you BARGAIN. Make sure you buy that thing at a price that is worthy , not because the seller tells you that he has a bunch of kids and an old mother to raise. Do not buy paintings at places other than Batu Bulan as they might be water colour paintings, not oil paintings. I mean, check first; same goes to wood carving. Always check the material.

6) SPA is a must! Or whatever massage. Please enjoy all these sessions, especially when u take this as a getaway from the city. Personally, other than spa, i love the CreamBath, it is a head, neck, shoulder and hand massage service, very nice! A full body massage costs u around 60k to 80k Rupiah, whereas for spa, u can get a full package around 300k. Just make sure you look into the package carefully and replace services that you don't want, and negotiate! Make sure everything including taxes.

And, if you don't want to spend more than RM1500 including flight ticket per pax, p-o-s-s-i-b-l-e!









另一个重点是,主人厨艺非常了得,是我在巴厘岛吃过最棒的食物。多少人慕名他的Bebek Tutu(smoked duck)而到访。。。

主人还请我们吃巴厘岛道地的甜品,Terang Bulan。




我们看的这个舞蹈叫‘Kecak Dance’,里头也有个小故事,有点类似大马的‘mak yong’。其他还有‘Barong Dance’等。所有舞蹈观赏的票价一律为50千印尼盾。



Ulu Watu是唯一一个我想重游的旅游胜地。那是一所在山上、海边的兴都庙。从庙宇俯瞰的壮观和浩瀚令人心情格外平静。一片无际的天空也令人顿时心情放松;真可谓是‘海阔天空’。








Kuta是巴厘岛的城市,也因为2005年被恐怖分子袭击而更加闻名。住在城市绝对有好处,因为那里是游客聚集区,什么都方便,吃喝拉撒、玩乐,应有尽有,非常热闹。而且,他们流行的Day Tour在那里也较多选择,可以出发到任何地方。

附近的海滩,比较著名的有Kuta Beach,Sanur Beach,Nusa Dua Beach。由于那里的海浪都很大,所以Surfing是最适合不过的水上运动。

而靠近Kuta Beach的Legian可以说是其中最旺的一个地方。











Sunday, March 11, 2007









Saturday, March 10, 2007


its my pleasure to watch it with the film director, and had a pleasant lunch with the movie avid.

personally, Mukhsin is not my favourite piece of all Yasmin's films; but if you like Sepet, then i'm sure you'll enjoy Mukhsin. A simple and beautiful story. i love the green very much.

and i wonder, when will it be my turn?

to be continued...


Friday, March 02, 2007

walkathon for WKD

in conjunction with World Kidney Day, there'll be a Walkathon at Titiwangsa, 8:30a.m. on the 10th March 2007.

see you there!


a w a y

i received the news yesterday noon, and i attended his funeral at night.

unpredictable is the only word that came across my mind.

u don't rule, u don't take charge; u don't know when, u might not even know why.

we weren't very close, but losing someone actually means something.

u think and talked to friends, then later, everything gets back on track, you might remember, once in a while.

endless tears running down from their cheeks, i'm totally speechless. something stupid like 'how i wish he wasn't...' kept running in my head...

and yes, love when you are able to, eat when you are able to, sleep when you are able to, breathe when you are able to; live your life to the fullest when you are able to.
and i told my friends and mum, if anything happened, i've signed, please donate my organs to the needies, burn me and spread the ashes to the sea. let my ashes be courageous and adventerous.

i'm not sure about after life. but i hope he is relief.

why later if you can do it now?