Sunday, November 25, 2007

i'm so far from...

CINEMA... i have not been to one for a month, and i'd like to watch 'Zhan Gu', 'Lions for Lambs' and 'Stardust'. and i missed the film festival at Wisma SGM.

GOOD SLEEP... it feels like 5 seconds after i got to bed, then i have to wake up to work already.

MUM'S COOKING... luckily i still manage to have her soup. but i missed having dinner at 4p.m. with her, watching tv along.

FRIENDS... seems everyone is busy at the year end. lucky enough to bump into vivian last nite though.

NIP TUCK & PRISON BREAK... i have everything, but i just don't have the time to finish them!

and obviously, i'm friggin' far from HULL! Urgh!


Monday, November 12, 2007

what happened to MIIM?!

please keep me updated, better via sms or calls.


dear friends,

it's been a long long while since i last catch up with either of you. and that means, i was really drowning in work and i don't even have time to dine with my family (even though i stay with them).

all my time is quite occupied and last night, i thought i can make some effort to spend time with 13 n ttac (i returned ttac's laptop, and she cooked me pasta in return, and i bought them dessert in return... never ending returns =.=III) but the story is, i ended up fell asleep... woke up with blurry face and went home trying so hard to keep myself awake... and that was only 10p.m.

according to schedule, i guess i'll get to take a break around x'mas...but not very true coz festive seasons means restaurants' peak season. and yumi is getting married some time along the festive month... congratulations, but i fail to play my part better.

now early in the morning, i still want to post this entry because i really miss my friends, especially the V, the S and the R. the E and i so hard to meet up since last two months but i still haven't get to see his face. of course, i do miss the H and the RT, but they are so far, and i always get to chat with them over the phone when i'm on the road.
utmost, i miss my dearest-ever the B, but that's needless to mention here ;)

going for a shoot later, have to get 2 and a half episode scripts done by today... i'm glad that i'm getting busy again, but i think i need to invest some time on doing sports or yoga to keep myself more alert and energetic.

alrite, that's it for now. hopefully i can see you soon... without me falling asleep in the middle of conversation.


Monday, November 05, 2007

in case u love writing too...

Call for Submissions - Urban Odysseys: KL Stories

Venue : MPH Bookstores Sdn Bhd

Deadline : Fri 30 Nov 2007

Email :

Synopsis : MPH Group Publishing are calling out for submissions of short fiction and creative non-fiction for an anthology tentatively entitled "Urban Odysseys: KL Stories". The aim is to publish the anthology in 2008, depending on the number of submissions received.

The theme of the anthology will focus on life in the city, specifically Kuala Lumpur, with writings that show images of the new juxtaposed against the old, urban living with contrasting bright lights and shadowy realities and other short fiction or creative non-fiction which best encapsulate the spirit of the national capital. This is not a travel book but an anthology of literary writings about the city.

Stories must be original, between 3,000 and 5,000 words, and must not have been previously published. They invite submissions from both emerging and established writers.

Stories for children are not eligible for this compilation.

Manuscripts must be edited, typed double-spaced with 12pt font and e-mailed to Please include your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. You may submit as many pieces as you wish.

Faxed or handwritten submissions will not be entertained and manuscripts will not be returned. They will contact you only if your piece has been selected for inclusion in the compilation. Writers whose submissions are selected will be expected to work with the editors to fine tune their stories.

Deadline: Fri 30 Nov 2007
Payment: A small flat fee and two copies of the anthology

or visit,