Saturday, October 31, 2009

thanks to Raz & Catt, i 'squeezed' time for movies!

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

heard a lot of rumours before i stepped my feet into the cinema.

result? not bad at all!!!

i believe that comparison to UP is not necessary because they are just different types of animations.

i leave those technical animation techniques part to Catt, but i must say i like how the stupid jokes lie between the lines and plot. simple & light-hearted.

i enjoy the gelo part the most!!! feel like chewing them and drowning in those jelly thingy!!!

Law Abiding Citizen

though i must admit i kinda like Gerard Butler... yes, he is really gorgeous. But we watched it because we were running out of choice. i mean, i can't even remember when was the last time i said yes to a heavily Holly branding movie.

the story was okay, i find a bit not logic, yet still quite 'gan jiong' from start till end. well, i like the poster a lot.

i did fall asleep for a short while, i guess i was too tired.
overall, it's... entertaining, at least?

Inglorious Basterds

Let alone Quentin's direction, the editing is superb!!! love every bit of it!

we actually missed the front bit of Chapter 1 for Carl's Jr burgers... but still, i enjoyed the whole piece from where i started till it ended.

it is hilarious (Raz laughed till tears came out), nicely plotted (those chapters...), beautifully cast (the males are great to carry each character and the females are as usual very-pretty).

i dont mind to watch DVD again!!!


Thursday, October 29, 2009


i believe i'm better known of a dessert person than a stressful person.

and i recall the last stressful job i did, the only one stressful job i had before this November, was with Z company.

3 years later, here i am, in the middle of my 2nd stressful job in my career history page.

first meeting with station was... painful.
i was quoted over a line and kept on being attacked using it.
SY who didn't know me well thought that i'll be harsh to the client, not knowing that i was kinda trained under such 'tvc-culture' that i'll lick their shoes if i have to. but little that i know, you can't tell client "no, u can't change", but you can tell client that "you have to push your airing date". that's new to me!

second meeting with client was... disaster.
everyone was so-ooo fake.
laughing over 'jokes' and the V is the most typical 'laughing tiger'.
whatever it is, i successfully bought one week's time, and with that 'high budget', which the production house claim "quite high in the market", you have to give them the best of the best. mind you, one week to prepare for 2 different shoot, but hell, no mercy, because, "i told you clients are overseas, i told you the situation already". yes, but i should blame myself for not taking my mum's advise on over-taking jobs for money's sake. because she did tell me too.

now, i've been in meeting for almost 6 hours today... and still juggling with the budget. probably the 'in' thing now is the 'painless budget', so everyone is trying to be trendy?

well, at least, the client's direction is confirmed and no more guessing game. i believe that's the greatest news of the day. IF, they are not the fickle minded type. and oh ya, V is going overseas soon too! the I (minimal or no Internet service) & A country.

so... with a break from the documentary editing, thanks to L's leave, i'm going to drown myself into this work...

don't worry, i'm proud to say i'm still cooping this... well, i guess. i'm just experiencing rather a strange thing in my life, which is called STRESSED, i'm not so familiar with it... yet.

alright, that's it for the bitching and complaining. i'm going to... try to enjoy my dinner... nope, actually my breakfast & lunch as well.

and then, i shall be re-energize again and dash full force!!!


Sunday, October 25, 2009









大閘蟹宴:茶王之家 CWZJ/ Kuchai Entreprenuer's Park/ 03-79818714(Joseph Ang)

陳年花雕:南利昌 Nam Li Cheong/ Jln Sultan Ismail/ 03-21413177

茶酒醋是一家:茶王之家 CWZJ/ Kuchai Entreprenuer's Park/ 03-79818714 (朱伯伯)



Saturday, October 17, 2009

upcoming film festivals

22Oct - 25Oct: 8th Latin American Film Festival 2009

last year, it was at National Art Gallery, cozier... some ministers or representatives not only came by to promote their culture, they even got the Latin Americans based in KL to cook some authentic cuisine...

30Oct - 4Nov: Korean Film Festival 2009


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

the October babies

the wine & dine were not all that satisfying but the girls & the girls were... 正!
looking forward to our P trip!

the place & the drink were not all that good but the celebration & companion was superb!!! more questions please...

and baby sis's yet to come!!!



what is the moral of the story?
"Cherish when you have it."



Thursday, October 08, 2009

it was indeed a great night graced by the usual suspects...

Tesseron 1929 Cognac: we drank it like... wine? extremely smooth...and the nose was just heavenly.

Choc Babe: simply gorgeous

poli grappa: put a nice full stop to the night


Wednesday, October 07, 2009

the lady-chefs

not long ago, my dearest Catt cooked me a nice & simple, but heart warming lunch...

PP fried rice (prawn & pineapple)

the sexy chef (wearing shorts *wink)

nice combination (button mushroom makes it up!)

my favourite soup!!! (Catt, u rank just after mum~)

also, Jia Hui being so nice and sweet to cook me dinner...

it's a 5-course meal consists of appetizer, soup, main, dessert & drinks (the picture is definitely not doing justice to her, sorry my dear)

and her picture u asked? the ambiance was too nice and such a waste to look through the lens...


i failed, but dear B, congrats!

the list is out and congrats to B.

hopefully i'll get the script done before u got back from Pusan Film Festival.

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my mid autumn festival was graced by this beautiful lines

beyond the gates
children's lanterns
flicker and flirt
in moon shadows
the gentle caress of a lover's kiss
who will wake me from my mid autumn dream?

also thanks to ZY for the candles, lanterns, tea, greentea/redbean mooncake @ playground session... appreciated...

p/s dear mao-mao, as mid autumn approaches, we can soon plan for our crabby feast~


Thursday, October 01, 2009







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