Sunday, August 28, 2016

august 2 0 1 6

now is definitely a bad time in my life
probably the worst by far
i'm just too vulnerable, i know

moving on with life is endless lessons
so many decisions to make
so many consequences to take

this summer has been crazy
i take a look back
i have not been in KL for this period of time since 3-4 years ago
i know, i sometimes (most of the time) blame too much
as most people say

maybe one gain most one one lose all
i have been blessed to have all the good vibes and good people surrounding me
for that i'm really grateful
because then i understand
the presence of them are truly based on our relationships
however its scary to learn that i depend on all this support
as i know how fragile relationships are on the contrary

what the host said in Prague now comes back to me
how funny it resonates with what JT recently said, who barely knew me
but read me through my eyes

did i allow this?
of course i did

am i still dwelling on it?
of course i do

why do i not take a step?

until there's nothing left in me
i believe i'm leading myself to a path
all broken will bloom flowers
for i still have faith


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