Tuesday, December 29, 2009

i must reassure u that i'm really not a coffee person, it just so happened to be!

~signature iced coffee



congratulations to the love birds: Mei Theng & Loon


p/s i wish i've taken better pictures... or brought a proper camera, at least...

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Friday, December 18, 2009

the must watch! & the up-to-u-lah choices


This is too funny to be missed!!!

Its been a while since I laughed out loud in the cinema watching a movie that falls under the genre of comedy. Probably it's really stupid and I really like it.

Must pay full attention on the Bill Murray part.

The duration is just nice for you to be entertained, not to think logically, in a way, get your brain to rest and just enjoy the caramel popcorns.

Do not hesitate if you want to relax your mind during this year end money spending season. Hehe...


CG is really nice, from the point of view of an outsider like me. But the story... i think it's empty. And only comic fans can truly understand the plot.

Then again, if you are going to watch for whatever reasons... please beware of two scenes. Not only it laughed my tears off, but everyone else in the cinema.
First - the old man who sweeps the floor. 3 men in that short scene. I think around half way of the show. It comes in just nice as a breather.
Second - the creation of a new name for the sword methods by Cloud. His master, No Name created a word and that scene has the funniest conversation ever.

After all, the hunks are nice to watch compare to the pale Cullen guy. Oops!


I still can't believe that I watched it, and in cinema. Unbelievable.

Probably it's unfair to comment as I didn't watch the first one, but judging based on this movie alone... I must say it's very not nice. Or, I don't like it.

I felt like leaving the hall after like 5-10min after the show. But later managed to entertain myself throughout the movie. How you may ask. Some silly jokes that only Raz & I could understand, I supposed.

Though so, it won't change me. I'll still watch other vampire-oriented movie. For example, THIRST from Korea. The DVD is waiting for me!!!


Eye candy. I love both of them. But the plot is not as appealing as I thought it should be.

Not that I'm a big fan of romance. But I do appreciate movies like The Lake House. So... in short, I prefer P.S I Love You than this. No, not bias because of Gerard Butler... :P


Tuesday, December 08, 2009

congratulations to the love birds: Cavin & Elaine

ROM: the vows, the rings, the parents, the witnesses, the couple~

wedding cupcakes: fairy-taly sweet!

28Nov2009 @ Bangi Equatorial

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Monday, December 07, 2009

not that i'm a coffee person, but this is indeed a nice place~

wild blend: “午后醒来该喝的”。。。无所谓吧;反正就是能够大大提出悠闲和慵懒,热腾腾的黑咖啡。

pandan latte: 淡淡的pandan味溶于滚泡牛奶之中,夹杂着一贯的咖啡香,尽显南洋风情。

ice drip coffee: 冰冷咖啡系冽中,城中少有的选择,与sumiyaki有相似的质感。

ice drip coffee_take away: 瓶子可以再循环,下次光顾时带回来就好了。

yam cake: 众多蛋糕中出类拔萃;味道好、口感丰富(材料层次感丰富/搭配得当)、不甜不腻、恰到好处--绝不奢侈的幸福。

biscuits: 三种饼干各自独领风骚;榛果橘子醒胃、枫叶甜味适中、麦片葡萄干从来就是最自然而完美的配搭。

ambiance: 氛围。。。自己前来感受吧~

豆原_TYPICA @ Shaw Parade Pudu


beefy dinners i had lately

here i recommend you these two places for a real beefy meals:

LaVaCa, that means BEEF in Spanish, in Changkat Bukit Bintang (opposite El-Cerdo)
*same owner as El-Cerdo, therefore no question on quality of food & ambiance, i believe
*must order: wagyu, crab cake
*yet to try, promised by wsm & werner: bone marrow (not in the menu, special order)

牛之匠, literally translate as the expert of beef, in Subang Jaya SS15
*must order: special yukke, short ribs, rib eye
*easy-drinking cold sake, good to pair with heaty yakiniku

yet to try: claimed having the best beef in town -- Hakka Republic in Menara Hap Seng KL


un-screw experience

finally, after a year & 3 months, i admitted myself to the hospital for the 'un-screw' surgery. same hospital, same doctor, same leg (spot), same operation theatre, same anaesthetist... different me.

memories playing like slide show in my mind... i recalled the two weeks stay in hospital and how i discharged on crutches. every moment in there, everything that happened.

of course, i'd like to thank my parents for being supportive and friends (i think i don't have to mention names/ you-know-who) who show their concern. i appreciate it all a lot, sincerely from the bottom of my heart.

u may check out my facebook for more photos~